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“You write because you need to write, or because you hope someone will listen or because writing will mend something broken inside you or bring something back to life.” ― Joanne Harris

I began writing basically as soon as I learned my ABC’s. Writing is one of my earliest memories of something that made me happy, something that made me feel good about myself.  I never thought about where writing may lead me, how important it would become to me, or that it may just save my life.

My parents had been at work, and my widowed grandmother, who was looking after me. I had knocked on her bedroom door to ask if I could go to my friend’s birthday celebration. She didn’t answer. With a child’s intuition, I sensed that something was wrong, so I scurried down the hall to phone my parents at work.

Many years later, I learned two things about my beloved grandmother, the woman who raised me: she brought me up with intolerable levels of hardships. I found solace in writing. I had an assumption that words speaks louder than actions. In many ways my grandmother has been the muse behind my writing career.

I remember my very first journal which I had written in my school days, its been 12 years now, I had kept it in my desk drawer.It was a maroon hardcover book with a protective plastic sheath. The pages were cream-colored and had no lines.I had written it in a blue fountain pen.

When she was alone, my grandmother had experienced a great deal of emotional pain, but she din’t show it in her faces. While growing up in Coonoor, India, in the midst of freedom fight, she lost her dad and then had to fend for herself and her two elder sisters.

Many years passed and it was time for me to move with my parents, she found my journal in my closet and gave it to me. I devoured each and every word. The void which she left in my life became stronger as the years passed and I had my own problems to deal with at the age of 21. My problems inspired me to write down my grandmother’s life story. Although at times the writing was painful, it did bring me close to her once again and help me more clearly understand the magnitude of her many hardships.


About Me

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Is Humanity Obsolete?

You have probably noticed that I have slowed down on my postings. The reason is that I am writing longer posts to get my message across and some of my thoughts take a few days to pen. With that I continue with my post for the day.

 Is Humanity Obsolete?

Respect, Peace, Love, Hope! What do these all have in common? Each of these is what each of us desire, no matter who we are, what our race, culture, creed or religion we belong to. In spite of the wars, protests, hatred, anger and arguing, we each have these things in common.

Friends this is a global, human and spiritual desire for most all of humanity has this desire of PEACE!

For thousands of years humankind has looked to the sky, to the stars, to the darkness in search for something bigger than ourselves. Each society, culture and tribe, each race has since rational thought has entered the brain of man, tried to explain the feeling that we are more than we see than we are.

Humankind in this endeavor has come to the common global conclusion that there is a God, Allah or whichever of the 101 “known” names, which passes, into the common forms of thought for a culture or clan.

Over the millennia, humankind has divided itself from one another in this search to explain what is common to each of us, we are each spiritual beings visiting here but for a short time. You see for me and for all of humankind it is our spiritual evolution towards this.

Each of us are tired of the divides that we ourselves cause. Maybe not you or I but as a society as a whole, we do so by allowing our leaders who do not have our best intentions as humanity in mind.

Did you know that each of you have a voice and it can be heard? Not one at a time but together as the whole of humanity in unison, we can be heard. Stop yelling and fighting on the streets because of color. Stop blaming in mass for actions of a few. It is not true because they say it is so. Stop defending those that are wrong because of race. Stop allowing others to think for you.

When you stop, you then can speak up and can do so peacefully, loud, together, and united for what is right and say that WE are the masters of our own fate. You can say that WE demand RESPECT, PEACE, LOVE AND HOPE, and we can do it together. Together we stand as one and divided we not just fall, but perish.

My friend, since the beginning of time humanity has been a warring culture and it is time to change this. We fight, we argue, and we make our own troubles.  We can now make our own peace, look at one another, and see past our differences and into the eyes of our humanity and our souls. We each have one no matter what you believe.

Let us live up to our own expectations and the expectations and of what is right. Let us each show respect peacefully. Let us love one another and may we all hope with all that we can ever be that one day, our world will see unity as one humanity, indivisible and under God!

Today, I would like to ask a question to you people reading this, “If you had the opportunity to speak to all people around the globe at one time, what message would you convey to humanity?” Please post your answers in the comment field.

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